Thursday, October 23, 2008

EAGLES OF DEATH METAL, Heart On - Bad Pun, Good Album

This may be their best record so far. I like them. I think they're fun. Good old fashioned rock and goddamn roll fun. I love the tongue in cheek lyrics. I love the fuzzy guitars. I always have fun at their shows. I don't think they sound like Electric Six or Queens of the Stone Age. They are more mature and less 'disco' than the six and i don't think the Queens are fun, although they do rock. The songs on Heart On are about living and loving LA and its foibles and it's stupid ass palm trees and not taking it all too seriously and having a couple of beers on Friday with your bros and having a ding-dang good time. Did you hear me? Fun. Good time.

THE STILLS, Oceans Will Rise - The Worst of the OC's Greatest Hits

I did not like this record. I think it sounds like the a knock-off all the worst bands that you would imagine. Well, maybe not that bad but like some really bad chef took Coldplay and made a stew with Nada Surf and Dashboard Confessional and served it at some lame kids house when his parents were out of town and he wanted to make out with some dumb girl with fake tits and too much make-up. Over and over again for 12 tracks. Over and over again for 12 tracks.

Monday, October 20, 2008

NINE INCH NIALS, The Slip - Believe It Or Not, I like it

Honestly, I haven't listened to a NIN album since Pretty Hate Machine. But over the last year or so I've really gotten to approve of Reznor's politics. I decided to give this record a shot. And I've been surprised at how much I like and how much I choose to listen to it. True, some of my best liked tracks are on the softer side of the album such as Discipline, Echoplex and Head Down. There is an extended interlude (Lights in the Sky, Corona Radiata), towards the end that I don't really 'get' but it's not a deal breaker.