Friday, October 17, 2008

BLITZEN TRAPPER, Furr - Moonshine and Fireflies

As is kind their habit this record is all over the map. However, there seems to be a little more cohesion in the sound. It still sounds like a little bit of Deliverance and a little bit of Smokey and the Bandit with just a tich of Anyway Which Way But Loose. For me it evokes little ideas of banjo pickin' on the porch, car chases and orangutans. These chaps are great musicians but the album doesn't quite come together as whole but i certainly don't mind when it comes up in a shuffle. Also, I have to say that I wouldn't want them to change anything because I'm nervous that the songs might lose some of it's charm. Follow me?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

EMILIANA TORRINI, Me and Armini - I Really Wanted To Like This Record

But it's really only just ok. There's a lot of reggae and dub influence and sadly I don't really care for reggae or dub. I liked Fisheman's Woman soooo much that I really expected this album to knock my socks off. It kind of sounds like adult contemporary attempt at main stream dreck. Which is really, really sad. I mean, there was even some pretty amazing stuff on Love In The Time Of Science and she wrote some good little ditties for Kylie Minogue and former cohorts Gus Gus went totally disco. I mean, I wanted this album to push her up and out but I guess I didn't want my mom to buy it...