Thursday, September 25, 2008

COLD WAR KIDS, Loyalty to Loyalty. Nice Nice Nice

What a happy and pleasant surprise. This was the perfect cap for 90 degrees in LA, a sweaty evening, cocktails and chain smoking in my tighties on the back porch. It's got some interestingly influenced guitars and drums. Like some Luscious Jackson riffs and African beats. I know that Vampire Weekend has made a lot of these beats of late. But this is far from preppy pop. In fact it's over before I am expecting or am ready for, so I play it again.

BLOC PARTY - Intimacy. It doesn't matter which coast, still crap.

This album is anything but intimate. The first track sounds like a rocked up version of the Chemical Brothers, Block Rockin' Beats, moderately acceptable. The second track sounds like Holla Back Girl goes gothic and spouts from Silver Lake to Williamsburg. Both former hipster havens for this former hipster band. I give up on track 5. The inane teenage lyrics drive me absolutely batty. And then I have to accept that I have simply outgrown this band. Like I outgrew Smashing Pumpkins. Which probably means that this album will huge for Bloc Party. Intimacy suffers from the same tragic over production. That's all i can say. And welcome to ipodfucker. Few holds barred, destroying the recording industry one album at a time. Have a nice day.